MA Economics Program at Ashoka University

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MA Economics Program at Ashoka University

Abhinash Borah
Dear all,

I am a faculty member of the Economics Department at Ashoka University. I am writing to inform you that Ashoka is starting its Masters program in Economics from the academic year 2017-18.

The program promises to be an exciting opportunity for students. Ashoka’s Economics faculty are experienced, highly qualified and recognized, nationally and internationally, for their expertise. The Department’s approach to Economics is a comprehensive one. It believes in teaching students both how to ask and address questions that are informed by economic theory as well as how to substantiate their analysis with rigorous empirical work. The course work in the program will be informed by current research and will draw on some of today’s most exciting research fields. At the end of the program, students are expected to have state-of- the-art quantitative skills valued both in academia and in the corporate world. Ashoka’s intellectually vibrant campus provides students an opportunity to engage in cross-disciplinary learning and be informed by the views of leading political scientists, sociologists, psychologists, historians, mathematicians and computer scientists, amongst others. The campus is an ideal space where students can grow—intellectually, culturally and professionally. Within a very short period, Ashoka has been recognized as a leading innovator in Indian higher education. The Masters program in Economics will provide students an opportunity to leverage Ashoka’s growing stature and expanding networks to shape their future careers, whether it be in the academy or beyond.

We hope you will consider Ashoka's MA program in Economics as you plan your future academic options.

Best wishes,

Abhinash Borah