I'm hiring fresher Data Scientists

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I'm hiring fresher Data Scientists

Ashish Gourav
Hi Folks,

I work for an e-learning company and have a mandate to create a system for descriptive modelling of student performance with the help of charts & graphs.
We are hiring one entry level Data Scientist.

Post : Data Scientist
Location : Mumbai
Remuneration : 25,000 - 30,000 INR per month
Accommodation is free

Skills needed : Excel/VBA/SQL
Skills preferred : Python/R/Tableau

Interested candidates apply vie e-mail to me : ashishiitkgp4@gmail.com

Thanks & Regards,
Ashish Gourav
Chief Data Scientist,
Edventure (http://www.edventure.in)

Loves charts & graphs, Writer, IIT Kharagpur Alum